4-day Course

System Architect, Practitioner

Gain knowledge of applied architecture design methods and standards that ensure the application and infrastructure fit together. In this course, you will learn how to develop a system architecture that effectively realizes both functional and non-functional requirements and how to document the system architecture. A system architect is often referred to as a solution architect.

This course is one of the three specialized IT architecture courses in the Dansk IT certified IT architecture education, allowing you to document your skills according to a publicly recognized model. The Practitioner courses are extensions of the basic course, IT Architect, Foundation, enabling you to specialize and differentiate at a higher level.

The system architect aims to develop system architecture and overall system design while ensuring documentation of this architecture. The system architect communicates the design to relevant stakeholders and provides assistance and advice during the further design process. The course covers knowledge of applied architecture design methods and standards that ensure the application and infrastructure fit together and meet both functional and non-functional requirements.

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The target audience includes anyone who needs to understand or create a system/solution architecture. To get the best results, it is recommended that you have completed the IT Architect Foundation course and passed the certification.

In the course, you will learn how to efficiently develop an architecture as a service, ensuring that the information system qualitatively meets the needs of all stakeholders.​


  • System Architecture – basic principles
  • Responsibilities and role of the system architect
  • Architecture process – development of a system/solution architecture
  • Preparation of Architecture Viewpoints
  • Technical architecture: Design principles and the technical domains they apply to
  • Architecture perspectives: Security, performance, scalability, availability, etc.
  • Architecture style, patterns, and principles
  • System architect's deliverables – preparation of an architecture description (AD)
  • Knowledge of the system architect's tools

Course Material

The course material consists of self-developed course material and the book "Software Systems Architecture, Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives" by Nick Rozanski & Eoin Woods.


On the last day of the course, there is an opportunity to take a certification. To be certified at the Practitioner level, documentation of passing the Foundation certification is required.


The instruction is provided by experienced teachers with extensive teaching and consulting experience in the field of architecture. All instructors are certified IT Architects and accredited teachers approved by Dansk IT.

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