​2-day course

​Certified ArchiMate Course

If you need assistance with developing IT architecture, consider contacting IT Innovation. We offer training in ArchiMate, providing a certified course. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are accustomed to teaching and sharing our expertise. We serve customers from all over Denmark.

ArchiMate is the name of an internationally standardized graphical modeling language that provides IT architects with an integrated tool to analyze, describe, and visualize IT architecture. The tool is useful for various tasks, making it an advantageous course if you work with IT architecture.

The ArchiMate course includes:

  • Basic definitions and concepts in ArchiMate
  • Modeling elements in ArchiMate
  • Modeling architecture layers in ArchiMate
  • Business, application, and technology layers
  • Relationships between architecture elements
  • Application of ArchiMate in an architecture process
  • ArchiMate support tools
  • Visualization of architecture with ArchiMate
  • Use of Views and Viewpoints
  • Application of ArchiMate in an architecture process
  • Connection between ArchiMate and other modeling tools
  • The course material includes self-developed Danish course material and the book "Archimate® 3.1 Specification" from The Open Group.

Create an effective IT architecture using ArchiMate

With a certificate in ArchiMate, you will be able to practically design architecture that streamlines your business in various aspects. Specifically, the tool can help standardize and create coherence between different architectural domains.

The tool can also be beneficially used in conjunction with other domain-specific tools, making it advantageous for various types of tasks. We ensure that you acquire the skills to understand and use the tool to effectively develop and model architecture descriptions.​

Contact us to learn more about ArchiMate

If you want to learn more about what an ArchiMate course entails, feel free to contact us. There are no formal entry requirements for the course, and the instruction is provided by an experienced and professional instructor. 


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