IT Architecture Education | How to become an IT Architect?

The IT Architecture Education is a national program accredited by Dansk IT. It establishes a common reference framework for the competencies of an IT architect across multiple levels.

The education covers international architecture methods, including ISEB IT Architecture and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), while also incorporating the national public FDA method.

The IT Architect Education consists of the IT Architect Foundation module and a practitioner module, where participants can choose between the Enterprise Architect, System Architect, and Technology Architect modules. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to become certified in each of the three practitioner areas.

IT Architect, Foundation

Course The Foundation course is the first step in the Technological Institute's certified IT Architect Education. It responds to the desire and need for a nationally recognized education in various IT architecture disciplines. The overall certified IT architect education ensures the development of a common reference framework for the competencies of an IT architect at multiple levels. The target audience includes anyone interested in IT architecture, such as IT architects, system developers, and designers. Read more about the IT Architect, Foundation course he​re.

Enterprise Architect, Practitioner Course

The Enterprise Architect aims to develop an enterprise architecture, anchor it in the company's leadership, and ensure its practical implementation. The purpose of the course is to provide competencies and knowledge within the disciplines and various types of work performed as an Enterprise Architect. Read more about the Enterprise Architect, Practitioner course he​re.

​System Architect, Practitioner Course

The System Architect aims to develop system architecture and overall system design while ensuring documentation of these aspects. The System Architect communicates the design to relevant stakeholders and provides assistance and advice during the further design process. The course covers knowledge of applied architecture design methods and standards to ensure that applications and infrastructure align. Read more about the System Architect, Practitioner course her​e.

Technology Architect, Practitioner

Course The Technology Architect aims to ensure that IT infrastructure meets business requirements in terms of security, reliability, and performance. This role involves continuously assessing infrastructure solutions and making technological decisions. Read more about the Technology Architect, Practitioner course he​re.


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